Celebrating Independence From Incontinence

Independence from Incontinence

Life made easy.
With Lessy Messy.

So, what’s the big deal about Lessy Messy? How is it different from other products? Why can’t I just use other similar products or even a blanket or plastic sheet to do some of this stuff?

Well, the answer is simple – it’s the only product in the market that’s Absorbent, Leak Proof and Washer/Dryer Safe. Typically, products that are absorbent and leak-proof have a vinyl or PVC backing that can’t be washed in the Washer/Dryer – the high temperature of the dryer melts the vinyl. However, Lessy Messy products are totally different.

Life made easy.
With Lessy Messy.

While you could get the specific details of each product in our ‘Products’ section, here’s why Lessy Messy products are a class apart.

• All Lessy Messy mats are made with Multilayered fabrics using advanced technology in textiles to give it the unique combination of being leak proof and safe for the washer and dryer.
• Protects your carpet, clothes, flooring, car seat, car trunk and much more.

• 100% Safe for Kids – Soft, Hypo-Allergenic and Lint Free. 
• Absorbent – Wash before first use for maximum absorbency
• Leak-Proof – Two layers of impervious material to keep fluids from seeping through 
• Eco-Friendly – Wash and reuse over 300 times for a fresh, clean feel every time. 
• ‘One’ Product that does it all – in the home, in the park, on the beach, at an outdoor concert, on the mattress, in the car trunk, for the pet, for gardening and just about everything you can think of.

Lessy Messy Icons

100% Safe for skin

Utrasoft, hypoallergenic, lintfree cloth ideal for even the softest skin

Lessy Messy Icons

Highly Absorbent

Absorbs just about every spill

Lessy Messy Icons


Two layers of impervious material that keeps fluids from seeping through

Lessy Messy Icons


Washable and reusable for as many as 300 times

Lessy Messy Icons

Washer/Dryer Safe

Suits every washing machine

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