Celebrating Independence From Incontinence

Independence from Incontinence

Adult Underpad

Incontinence is one of the most common, yet most disturbing health issues associated with ageing. More than a physical discomfort, it adds tremendous mental stress to those with this issue, as it may pull down their dignity. LessyMessy Adult Underpads help them overcome this issue by preventing undue leakages to bed.

Soft on skin – It’s not one of those prickly, uncomfortable rubber that unduly heats up sensitive elderly skin. It’s made with advanced ‘Quadra4’ textile technology, which provides superlative softness for an elderly to sleep at peace.

Washable & Reusable – It’s not one of those disposable, expensive underpads. It’s made of a futuristic fabric that lets you wash it in a washing machine many times over. Which makes it budget-friendly, as you just need to buy one or two in a whole year as opposed to buying hundreds of disposable underpads.

Leakproof, safe beds – Expensive mattress needs protection. Thanks to LessyMessy Quadra4 technology, no liquid can pass through the underpad to the surface below. Yet it absorbs liquid on top preventing puddling to sleep at ease.

Wider white mat – Large sized underpad (36” x 34”) offers freedom for elderly to flip, turn, move around in deep slumber without any worries of skipping the mat area. Besides, the mat stays flat on the mattress without shifting and the soft, white sleeping surface aids sleep.



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