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Independence from Incontinence


Waterproof Baby Sleeping/Changing Mat – Grey Chevron


Leak-proof Baby Diaper Mats – Super Absorbents
Lessy Messy Baby Sleeping Mats are made using advanced Quadra4 technology, where multilayered fabrics are used to give it the unique combination of being leak proof & safe for the washer & dryer.

  •  100% Safe for Kids
  •  Highly Absorbent
  •  Leak-Proof – TWO layers of impervious material

Why Lessy Messy is good for your kids?

Fantastic Absorbency

Lessy Messy Baby Sleeping/ Changing mats are made of two layers of waterproof and leak-proof materials that do not let fluids seep through while absorbing liquid quickly without letting it spread. A nice, clean and dry changing pad surface means a happy baby. For best absorbency, wash changing pad sheet before first use.

All-Around Protection

Lessy Messy Baby Sleeping/ Changing mats not only offer reassuring hygiene and comfort for your baby, but also offers protection for your precious carpet, flooring, car seat and other spots.

Convenience - Washer and Dryer Safe

Most changing pads are not dryer safe, but Lessy Messy is designed to handle the high temperatures in the washer and dryer; in fact, you can wash and reuse these diaper changing mats over 100 times without affecting their absorbency and quality.

100% Safe for Kids

Lessy Messy Baby Sleeping/ Changing mats are ultra-soft, hypoallergenic and lint-free, so your little one will feel absolutely comfortable on them.



Polka Dots


6.8 x 17.9 x 3.3 cm; 220 Grams

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